Rose's Story, Revised Edition by Wanda 'Rose' Bibb

Rose's Story, Revised Edition

Book Title: Rose's Story, Revised Edition

Publisher: Waveland Press Inc

ISBN: 1577666623

Author: Wanda 'Rose' Bibb

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Wanda 'Rose' Bibb with Rose's Story, Revised Edition

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Over the years, thousands of readers have immersed themselves in the world of Rose, an abandoned and abused child who stubbornly and defiantly became a caring and loving mother. In her honest and straightforward style, and in appreciation of those who have taken such an interest in her life, Rose continues her original story revealing events from the next two decades. Along with the discovery of some of the missing pieces of her childhood, Rose describes the frustration, hard work, and unexpected benefits found among the challenges of the social welfare system. This unique individual has made many of her readers reconsider their views of those in need, especially those we may consider undeserving of our help. In doing so, Rose's Story proves to be a case that redefines what it means to help someone.

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